Sultan's Tent


The Sultan's Tent menu features a la carte options, and a 6 course feast.

The soup, salads, appetizer, main courses, desserts and beverages are all authentic Moroccan dishes and include vegetarian, chicken, beef, lamb and Cornish hen options. The main courses are cous cous dishes (a bed of steamed wheat with a 7 vegetable stew and meat of choice) OR tagines (meat and vegetables, or vegetables only, in a sauce either savoury with preserved lemons and olives, gently spicy with tomatoes or sweet with honey, almonds, apricots and plums). Dishes may be shared Moroccan style.

Menu (pdf)

Note: The Sultan's Tent menu is trans-fat free!
Updated May 2020

Make your visit even more fun with your best friends, and let us help you create your menu.

Wine List (pdf)

Updated May 2020
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